Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

The BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) program in the field of computer applications is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of computer science and information technology. This program aids the students to get a sound understanding on computer applications which can give them a perfect start for a challenging career in the field of information technology. This program prepares students with the necessary skills to build successful careers in the information sector. The curriculum is truly tuned for the holistic development of the students and aims at nurturing them as proficient programmers and computer professionals.

The program offers design, development and maintenance of computer applications with essential knowledge and training to cope up with the existing requirements of industry. Application implies incorporation of operating system, utility and programming language. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of emphasis is laid on hands-on training and overall development of the student. Graduates from this program can work gracefully in companies and other allied sectors providing services in the field of Information Technology.

The key features of this course are:

  • Able to exhibit analysis, problem solving and design skills to establish a productive career in industry, government organizations and academia by using C, C++ and Java.
  • Prepare students to showcase effective contribution in career through application of emerging technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, ASP, JSP and many more.
  • Develop effective communication skills, teamwork skills, professional and ethical attitude benefitting the society.




Semester Fee

Annual Fee

Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA)

3 Years

Plus two or Equivalent, Vocational +2

INR 29,625

INR 56,250