School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies

The society and academia must go hand in hand. Educationshould be tailored to meet the current need of the society that is currently at the cusp of change. Academic programs especially the humanities must provoke students to think through issues that concern the human world and sensitize them to the structured nature of social problems to enable them to contribute towards the human resource enhancement.The studies in humanities must train students to critically understand the literary, linguistic and cultural issues from an interdisciplinary and liberal perspective and help them arrive at possible solutions with creativity and flexibility. The School of Language, Literature and Culture at SRM University, Sikkim provides the necessary academic training to the students to concretize their foundations in language, literature and culture studies offering them a platform to think across conventional disciplinary boundaries and shape their ideas into well-meaning social deliverables.

About the School

The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies is an interdisciplinary school that offers multiple courses from the domain of language, literature and culture studies. With rapid globalisation and technological advancement the world has become more accessible for people across countries. Communication systems have evolved and exchange of ideas across multiple fields have generated complex discourses for academic intervention. Therefore, the study of language, literature and culture has become inevitable to understand the world in its multiplicity, diversity and interconnectedness. The school aims at providing a rich platform for students interested in the study of Languages, Literatures and Cultures through an interdisciplinary intervention from the fields of social sciences and humanities. To start with, the school offers an intensive three year degree program in English and plans to increase the number of programs in the near future.


The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies has spacious classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids to facilitate e-learning. The School also has language lab and computer facility for the students and teachers.

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Course

Programmes Offered



1 B.A English (Honours) 3 Years  Plus Two or Equivalent