School of Skill Building

“Skill India,” a mission that our honourable Prime Minister has envisioned for the development of our country is supported strongly by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship with the help of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Partnership with private and public firms to provide skill based learning and train the students to be skilled and readily employable through various vocational courses is a bold step taken by the Government.

Vocational courses at SRM University Sikkim is designed to provide students a fast tracked edge in getting a job. The present world is a highly competitive world. We need right kind of skill and those skills must be job oriented. The present educational mechanism seems to be stressed with extreme level of academic endeavour that many students find it difficult to cope with. These students are thus deprived of job market. The vocational course thus help students get trained in specific trade or occupation, provide accredited training in job related technical skills and get employed in the particular trade. SRM University, Sikkim aims to remove this problem and equip students with a kind training that can easily help them in fetching a job. Therefore, the university has added two specific vocational courses to the academic program this year. 

Courses Offered

Undergraduate Course

Programmes Offered



1 B.Voc.(Software Development) 3 Years  Plus Two or Equivalent, Vocational +2
2 B.Voc.(Pharmaceutical Manufacturing) 3 Years  Plus Two or Equivalent, Vocational +2





Programmes Offered

1 Diploma  1 Years Software Development
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
2 Advance Diploma  2 Years Software Development
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
3 Vocational Degree  3 Years  Software Development
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Note : Students pursuing the Bachelor of Vocational courses are allowed to exit the course in two phases.

  1. Exit after First Year - In such a case, student will be provided with a Diploma Degree.

  2. Exit after Second year - In such case, student will be provided with Advance Diploma degree.

Students completing three years of the course will be given Bachelors in Vocational Degree.