Seminar on making cashless India in SRM University Sikkim

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
1 days

SRM University Sikkim organized a brief seminar on creating an awareness on Cashless India in the Campus for the students and staff. Dr. Nihar Mohanty, Officer in-charge, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) gave an elaborate presentation on "Cashless Economy and Digital Transaction." He addressed the audience towards moving into cashless society through Net Banking, E- Wallet, POS, Adhar Enabled Banking, Debit,Credit and Prepaid Cards, USSP and UPL.  He also motivated the audience to use this cashless mode in order to avoid discrepancy in payment, proper payment of tax, easy banking , optimal usage of bank resources and also to digitize India. The 24x7 services provided through these modes help the citizens to meet up to any emergencies at any time from any place. He also reinforced on the point to embrace the mission of Digital India, initiated by our honorable Prime Minister, and contribute towards re-monetizing India through cashless society.