Dr. N. Sethuraman

Dr. N. Sethuraman,
Vice Chancellor

Dr. N. Sethuraman is the Vice Chancellor of SRM University, Sikkim. He completed his post graduation from Madurai University in 1973 and doctoral degree from University of Madras in 1996. He has worked as a Professor of English in many colleges and has held several prestigious positions.

He was the Registrar-in-charge in Tamil Nadu Open University from September 21, 2005 to October 31, 2005. He has visited many places across the world including Africa, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong.

He has dedicated almost 32 years of his life towards teaching and research. He has authored many books and he has published many books and has conducted many seminars/ conferences.

He has been a member in many professional bodies like the Indian Association for studies in Contemporary Literature, All India English Teachers Associations, Mark Twain Society of India, American Studies and Research Centre, Hyderabad, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi and Indian Social Science Association. Dr. N. Sethuraman is the Registrar of SRM University since December 7, 2007